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Negative self-talk paralyzes you from taking action, holds you back from sharing your thoughts and ideas, and prevents you from taking risks and exploring new opportunities.

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Listen to these negative voices and label them as such. Self-awareness is the first step to owning your power. Release the thoughts, reframe, and replace with positive affirmations. Advocate for yourself and others. When you understand your value and how you contribute to successful business outcomes , you can position yourself as someone who can help others reach their objectives; help the company achieve its goals. Communicate regularly with your manager how your work leads to positive results. Seek projects where you can add value in order to create visibility and credibility.

The Power of Presence

Step up and advocate for your colleagues as well. Show respect and pride in their work and they will respond in kind. Promote your team and their accomplishments. You will emerge as their powerful leader. Ask for help when you need it. Powerful people know when to seek assistance and feedback from others.

10 Steps To Own Your Personal Power

When you ask for and line up the resources you need to be successful, you increase your chances of being successful. Knowing what you need and asking for help is a power move.

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  • Speak up and share your opinions and ideas. You need to own the power of your intelligence and opinions.

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    You own your power when you share your thinking process and ability to brainstorm with others. People will, in time, seek you out for opinions. Acknowledge your fears. Your fears, as with your negative thoughts, sabotage your success and rob you of your power. We all have fears, but we lose our power when we let our fears overwhelm and paralyze us from taking action. Own your power by facing your fears. About the Author Dr. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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    Psychology + Self Improvement In the 21st Century

    This is a gem of a book, crammed full of wisdom and advice that is both practical and profound. While rooted in rock-solid science as far-reaching as quantum physics, psychology and philosophy for the 21st century, Meribeth Dayme's writing style is highly personable and accessible. Topics include personal communication, confidence, improving voice and expression, listening and rapport, dealing with feedback and criticism, and many others that can either elevate or deep-six one's personal power.

    Dayme's breadth of years and experience in self-development, voice performance pedagogy, voice science, theology, holistic health and anatomy shines throughout the text. Practical exercises and tips afford the reader specific tools and guidelines for self-development. Regardless of experience - neophyte just starting out or experienced pro - Presence, Confidence and Personal Power is the book you will not just read, but use - to great advantage - with confidence!

    There is power in presence. When you are present, you are in touch with your thoughts, goals, beliefs and values. And you are able to express them in a non-anxious way. We expect a leader to be calm, cool and collected.

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    • When a leader has presence, when she is her authentic, best self, it brings the anxiety level of the whole system down. When you know what you believe and how to express it in non-anxious ways, you are being present. When you do this in a way that gives others the freedom to disagree, you help the entire system to remain calm.

      This is especially important in stressful situations. Psychologists distinguish between social power and personal power. Social power is the power to control others. It comes with position, authority and status. Social power is a limited resource. It is highly dependent on our place, relative to others. We may climb to the top of one organization or network, giving us great social power. But there is almost always something bigger.