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When I first heard of them, I was pretty skeptical that their bralettes would fit me or offer any support. Best of all? You can play designer and create the perfect set in the fabrics you want, or shop their collections. Impish Lee makes bras and bralettes in a variety of sizes, and can go as large or small as needed. Bonus: The brand is owned by two sisters who regularly work with people from the LGBT community, and they also partner with diverse models. Supportive and sexy bralettes are Definitely A Thing. Okay gonna go back to writing a post about channeling my inner succubus for my next Impish Lee review.

What brands should I try and add to the list? Please let me know in the comments! Want to stay in-the-know on new plus size brands? Affiliates help me write more great content, and I only endorse products I truly love. Log in to leave a comment. View this post on Instagram. Fall Fashion. Latest Posts. Popular Categories.

November 18, In the B collective, the whole-punch belongs to everyone.

The cafes serving drinks with 25 teaspoons of sugar per cup

Despite what anyone might claim. That is all. Evadene February 14, AM. Anyhoo, the workshop was about managing stress in the workplace with a view to employers Not Losing Money Through Stress-Absent Employees. Part of the discussion was about how some stress is good for us, because it pushes us to do better and helps us to manage our work and deadlines. Some people become very anxious at the smallest amount of stress, while others have a great tolerance for it and thrive on it—until they suddenly snap and attack everybody in the office with a stapler. February 14, PM. Jennifer Cornell February 14, AM.

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Thank you for this. When I have no words to describe my anxiety and depression, you have provided. Melora Johnson February 14, AM. Denise Willson February 14, AM. Great post, Chuck. I would like to believe that acknowledgment is half the battle. Know your feelings, whatever they be, are normal, and you WILL get past them to better moments. Beverly February 14, AM. Soooo real. Thanks, Chuck. Great advice! Jen Edwards February 14, AM. You are helpful and good. I shall do the dishes! Denise Liss February 14, AM. Loved this! I am one of those people you mentioned who is fortunate enough to have buckets, not cups, to fill.

So… I switched to a menstrual cup

But when they dump, it is a tidal wave…so not so great, either. Your writing helps me empty my bucket, thank you so very much! Jason P. February 14, AM.


How does one become a Certified Mindologist? IS there a school to attend, or can you take a course online, a la ordained ministers.

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Thank you for mentioning that sometimes, things you enjoy can add to the cup. Last night I listened to an audio book I like, to unwind before bed. It was exciting. Very poignant and true. What you said resonates with that, and I appreciate it. I also appreciate the early Wednesday morning laugh, which I desperately needed. Thank you.

Gareth Skarka February 14, AM. Jemima Pett February 14, AM. Michelle February 14, PM. Thanks for writing this, Chuck. Some days it feels like my cup is one of those tiny paper cups they serve pills in: not only does it fill super fast, but it gets soggy and rips along the way.

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  5. Sometimes I feel like too much of a delicate little flower. If not, I guess it is what it is. Casondra Brewster February 14, PM. A nip of whiskey every night helps me empty the cup.

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    And I mean a nip. Just 1 ounce. I sleep better, which helps me mitigate better. Gabriella L. Garlock February 14, PM. Hi, Tried to enter a comment, but got back a message that said invalid security token. Ivy February 14, PM. No matter where or how that anxiety originates. On the topic of creative brain: much has already been written. The percentage of people who experience serious mental illness in the creative community is the same as it is in the wider community.

    No greater. Creativity is not a symptom of illness. But — if you do a search for Victoria Arts Council and anxiety you will find a report that tells a detailed story about what being a professional creative can do to quite ordinary happy people. The financial existence can be tenuous. Still on the creative brain: I have to hand some peer-reviewed reports on how a creative brain functions. The areas of brain that manage executive reasoning, and wild day dreams, are usually switched between; never working together. In a creative type brain, not only do they fire at the same time, but owners of creative brains seem to have greater capacity for deliberately switching off and on different kinds of thinking, than other types of people.

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    So, take away from that what you will. Creatives have different brains that can be identified during active scans. They are practical daydreamers. To imagine new and better realities; a nice way out. A door that nobody has seen yet.

    Deborah Makarios February 14, PM. Pick your fights, I guess, and be kind to yourself. And definitely, find ways to refill that cup. I recommend knitting, and mysteries by the Queens of the Golden Age. Hey, thanks boss! That shows. And you can use it to perform exorcisms.